Gwany & Stephy

Gwany and Kizzy Kizzy & Gwany’s words of order: creativity & Sharing... Kizzy is a music lover with a special sensitivity for Afro sounds. After dancing for 3 years in the group Gwo Ka, she discovered Kizomba in 2011 by taking her first course with Cyméone, and subsequently, Kizzy integrated the team "Kizomba events ". Gwany is an Afro-caribbean music enthusiast... Kizomba came to Gwany in 2011 with his first course given by Tony Pirata. He will join, a year later, the famous team of the SKdron of the evenings "lights on Kizomba". It was his team who named him "Mr OSTEOPATHE ".... He owes this title to his play of hands and legs which he alone has the secret... Together they offer you to share moments where they will teach you the basics of the Kizomba and especially TARRAXA... this movement of Kizomba, which highlights the hips of the woman with whom the dancer will play on the rhythm of the Music..

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