Ken Golitin, FRA

Ken Golitin, aka Ken UFeelIt, is a native of Paris that boosts French Guyane heritage. This avid Salsa dancer, picked up Kizomba end of 2010 when he would frequent a Tuesday popular Kizomba party in Paris called “Agua”. After becoming a regular of the night, the organizer noticed Ken’s apparent skills and friendly personality, and asked him to be a “taxi dancer” at the party. In addition to being a taxi dancer, he further honed his skills at “Le Tri bar” in Paris. Eventually his love affair for Kizomba would blossom to the point where he found himself dancing every day and attending more festivals abroad. This growing passion prompted him to start teaching with friends and together they created a group called the “Secret Team”. A venue called “Le Sharkys” presented the opportunity for the “Secret Team” to organize regular Kizomba parties and to teach as well, an opportunity they gladly accepted. Ken’s style can be described as “modern Kizomba” with equal parts smoothness, fancy steps and musicality. Over the past year of teaching, he has been strengthening his pedagogical approach to Kizomba by focusing on his student’s varying levels as well as musicality rather than teaching technical steps. In every class, he will teach a routine that matches a piece of music. His aim is to not only teach technical steps, but to show students how to use steps effectively. Another important aspect of Kizomba that he teaches students is to take their time. He believes students have a tendency to dance too fast or to second-guess their timing. As a result, he has developed a technique focused on how to master timing. Finally, he teaches about connection, because after all, connection is essential in Kizomba. A common exercise in his class is to dance without hands. The outcome is that his students learn how to be more connected to one another. The highlight of his career, thus far, was an appearance on a popular French TV show called the “O Show”, were he performed a Kizomba demo. In addition to teaching regular Kizomba and Semba classes, Ken has taught in most of the bigest Kizomba event Paris and in Europe Feeling Kizomba Festival, Paris Kizomba Congress, Suave … He has taught as well in lost of country in Europe from France to Russia, in USA, Canada and in Japan too.

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