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Montreal Is Kizomba

Bonifácio Aúrio, POR

Bonifácio António Neto, aka Bonifácio Aúrio or Mr. Tuffas, was born on July 17, 1991 in Huambo, a province in the south of Angola. With a big connection to arts in general, Bonifácio Aurio, since an early age was passionate about music, but it was in the dance where he best fit and made known his potential. For many years he was a street dancer and in small events, everything in an amateur way until the moment that decided to bet on his professionalization with courses of dances that made him every time a better dancer, since inside already there was a rough diamond. It was enough to be stoned. In 2011 he decided to participate in the Kizomba National Competition organized by ...


Adelina & Heneco, USA / FRA

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Eddy Vents, USA / GB

Eddy Vents was born in Guinea-Bissau and raised in Portugal. Growing up part of the Palop community Eddy always felt electrified by Kizomba. In 1998 he began his career as a promoter in Lisbon orchestrating parties which he continued after moving to London in October 2009. Eddy’s immense love, passion and knowledge of Kizomba was recognized by respected Kizomba teacher Norma Facey and Eddy humbly credits her for starting his teaching career around March 2010. That same year he founded Pitanga Dance Group as a platform for promoting authentic Kizomba through teaching and performance with a focus on enriching the student’s learning experience by acknowledging the origins ...



Ken Golitin, FRA

Ken Golitin, aka Ken UFeelIt, is a native of Paris that boosts French Guyane heritage. This avid Salsa dancer, picked up Kizomba end of 2010 when he would frequent a Tuesday popular Kizomba party in Paris called “Agua”. After becoming a regular of the night, the organizer noticed Ken’s apparent skills and friendly personality, and asked him to be a “taxi dancer” at the party. In addition to being a taxi dancer, he further honed his skills at “Le Tri bar” in Paris. Eventually his love affair for Kizomba would blossom to the point where he found himself dancing every day and attending more festivals abroad. This growing passion prompted him to start teaching with friends and together they created a ...


Lucia Nogueira, USA / POR

Lucia Nogueira, One of the traits that would define Lúcia's teaching style is her deep care about the roots of the dance and the culture behind it. She started dancing Kizomba about 13 years ago as part of the PALOP community in Portugal, but it was only in 2012 that she started teaching internationally and collaborating with some of the best artists in the Kizomba world. At the moment she usually teaches solo or with her dance partner Eddyvents. Over the past year Lucia has been dedicated to helping local female instructors gain her voice in the dance scene with her Kizomba Teachers Training for Women. Lucia is one of the very few ladies in the Kizomba scene that teaches internationally ...



Phillyp Chanlatte, USA

Phillyp’s journey into kizomba began in 2010, when he started attending local Cape Verde and Haitian clubs in the Boston and Rhode Island area. Passada was the first dance attained. In wanting to learn more, he came across the dance kizomba and was hooked. This passion became more than just a dance, it changed his life. Dance became not just something to do but a way of life. This has led to traveling around the US and europe, learning from some of the best instructors and has trained with Jeffrey Kizomba, Eddy Vents and Tboy.