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Gwany & Kizzy, FRA

Kizzy & Gwany’s words of order: creativity & Sharing... Kizzy is a music lover with a special sensitivity for Afro sounds. After dancing for 3 years in the group Gwo Ka, she discovered Kizomba in 2011 by taking her first course with Cyméone, and subsequently, Kizzy integrated the team "Kizomba events ". Gwany is an Afro-caribbean music enthusiast... Kizomba came to Gwany in 2011 with his first course given by Tony Pirata. He joined, a year later, the famous team of the SKdron of the evenings "lights on Kizomba". It was his team who named him "Mr OSTEOPATHE" He owes this title to his play of hands and legs which he alone has the secret.


Mestre Petchu & Zilda, POR / ANG

Your opportunity to see why he is named MESTRE Petchu… Pedro Vieira Dias Tomás (Mestre Petchu) is one of the greatest authorities in the field of Angolan culture of music and dance. Currently living in Portugal, he was the first there to teach kizomba and semba; he also set up the methodology of teaching these dances. He is the one who contributed to Angolan rhythms being introduced to dance parties and dance schools in the whole of Europe. For 25 years, he’s been the leading choreographer of the African ballet, Kilandukilu; he taught numerous dance workshops, judged tens of competitions and also was invited to prestigious TV programs.

Mandela, POR / ANG

The Beast of Afro-Rythms,..
Mandela Nelson was born in the Suburbs of Luanda in Angola. He was already part of a dance group at the age of 10. He was dedicated to a gospel troop for 8 years. He now lives in Portugal. He is involved in teaching African rhythms as well as being involved in different charities. He has been participating in events and festivals all over the world since 2011.








JP & Stephy, FRA

JP & Stephy are the new champions of Olympiads of kizomba after a long journey through a lot of training and competitions. What enabled them to win the competition and the heart of the public, is their very human and artistic approach of the dance that strives to innovate and create a fusion between the two . To have this very distinctive style in Kizomba, they invented new technics of styling and connection, and mixed some tango nuevo elements into their dance. The outcome is a stunning dance experience; that's why their workshops are unique and challenging, but always enlightening.





Phil & Upa, USA

GUY ST-LOUIS was immersed in music from the age of 6 playing the piano. This passion for music led him to his career in music and a scholarship at Valley Forge where he played the trumpet. He started dancing Dancehall and Reggae at the age of 18. Soon after, Guy entered the world of Latin dance. He received training from leading instructors such as Eddie Torres and Victor Moreno. UPA DANCARINA was born in Russia. She has been dancing since the age of 5. Upa started with Ballroom and Latin dances. This passion has led her to competitions for 10 years.


Phillyp & Sharon, USA

Phillyp’s journey into kizomba began in 2010, when he started attending local Cape Verde and Haitian clubs in the Boston and Rhode Island area. Passada was the first dance attained. In wanting to learn more, he came across the dance kizomba and was hooked. This passion became more than just a dance, it changed his life. Dance became not just something to do but a way of life. This has led to traveling around the US and europe, learning from some of the best instructors and has trained with Jeffrey Kizomba, Eddy Vents and Tboy.







Steve & Maren, USA

Lady Maren is known for her musicality, fluidity, and vibrant energy both on the dance floor and stage. Dance has always been as essential to her as breathing. She uses Kizomba, Semba, and other Afro Rhythms as a bridge to reunite descendants of the African Diaspora. Steve CIKI Originally from Guadeloupe, he grew up listening to Zouk The first time he heard Kizomba Music, it felt like something he knew, something he grew up with… Steve is known for his energy on stage as well as on the dancefloor, where you will always find him dancing. Lady Maren and Steve Ciki (MSkiz) have worked together since 2014. Together they formed MSKiz and founded Can I Kiz It Productions. They have since won 2 US National Kizomba Championships, ranked 2nd in the 2014 International Kizomba Open (Madrid), and were finalists in the 2015 Semba competition “CERTEZA” (Paris). They have taught in Europe and around the US, and give regular classes in Philadelphia.

Pilou, Col

Growing up in Martinique, rocked from an early age to the rhythms of zouk and compass, Pilou begins his love affair with kizomba in 2013. In 2014, he decided to train with Albir Rojas before moving to live in 2015 in Bogota, Colombia. Since 2015, he teaches Kizomba, Semba, Urban Kiz and Tarraxa with a methodology based on culture, body awareness, technical details and above all the love of oneself and one's neighbor. He contributes greatly to the development of a conscious Kizombeira community in the region, teaching his passion in several cities in Colombia and Latin America. In particular, he won the Kizomba Championship of the Columbia Salsa Festival in 2016 and 2017.




Eddie Hercules, USA

Eddie Hercules born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Eddie had a nonconventional dance path since he has not grown up dancing from a young age. Most of his child hood was spent playing sports like football, baseball, and running track. In September 2015 at the Toronto Kizomba & Bachata Festival, Eddie Hercules took his first Kizomba classes. This was a unique moment because it was the first time he learned to combine afro-rhythms that he learned from drumming, to date, Eddie Hercules travelled globally learning from the top instructors from all over Europe and beyond.  He teaches weekly classes in his hometown and further dedicated himself to Kizomba and Urban kiz by founding The Kizomba Dance Alliance, an organization that supports the growth of dance in the US and San Francisco Bay Area.




Nico Krump, CAN

Nico Krump has over 15 years of training in various urban dance styles such as House, Popping and Hip hop. He is mainly known for mastering Krump under the name of H-Wood. Nico always pushes his limits, looking to learn new dance styles to add to his repertoire. He first entered the world of social dancing by mastering Salsa and Bachata. Subsequently, he found Kizomba, and fell hard for the Angolan dance. At the beginning he trained with his friend Pedro Moreira Goncalves, then continued to train and polish his style with some of the brightest international artists: Tony Pirata, Anaïs, Morenasso, Curtis Sheldon, Petchu & Vanessa. To do so he traveled to Portugal, France and Spain. Nico has his dance school called Groove N Kizomba (Gnk) since summer 2012. He is regularly invited abroad to perform and teach in well-known events such as Montreal Bachata Zouk Festival, Interfusion Dance Congress Montreal and Montreal Is Kizomba.

Jules Bertrand , CAN

Jules is originally from Cameroon, Africa and has been living in Montreal, Canada since the age of 10. He has been a passionate dancer for over 15 years, exploring everything from African dance, salsa, afro-cuban, bachata, cha cha, samba and hip hop. He is inspired by fusion and body isolation. In 2010, after falling in love with Brazilian zouk and kizomba, Jules opened the Interfusion Danse Company. Jules has spent time living in Brazil to fully immerse himself in the culture, language and various styles of Brazilian zouk. Jules have travelled to Portugal and Paris to take part in a comprehensive Kizomba and Semba teacher training and also in Angola to further his knowledge in the traditional source of these dances. Jules has been teaching, performing and djing in salsa, bachata, zouk, kizomba and afro-house in Canada, USA, Europe, Brazil and Asia!...



















Tarah Stéphanie, CAN

Reigning from Montreal, Tarah began her kizomba journey two and half years ago. But that certainly wasn't the start of her dance career. Tarah joined the kizomba world, bringing with her an extensive backround of dancing and teaching many urban dance styles such as hip-hop, dancehall and others. Her rise in the UrbanKiz world began when people noticed her unique musicality and styling. Now she wants to inspire people to be more connect to the music and explore their creativity











Linsay Hutton, CAN

Lindsay Hutton fell in love with kizomba in 2012, while she was was studying abroad in Paris towards her university degree in contemporary dance. Her initial training in kizomba began with Morenasso as a member of his choreography troupe. While in Paris she also performed in ndombolo and coupe decale under the direction of Herve Bamina. Her personal kizomba style is heavily influenced by her dance background in Latin, Urban, and African dances. Upon her return to Canada she helped to develop the kizomba scene in Montreal through teaching and performing. A highlight for her was being selected to represent Canada for the first time internationally at the ‘Africadancar’ competition in Milan, Italy (2014). After finishing her 4 year Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Contemporary Dance from Concordia University, she continued to refine her teaching abilities by completing a Bachelor of Education degree at York University (Toronto) with a qualification in dance. She has now brought her passion and 9 years of teaching experience to Ottawa where she operates her own classes, events, and performance troupes.