Your DJs

DJ Chad, FRA

Dj Chad is not only one of the first kizomba and semba DJs and organizers (Latin Event) in France where he has been mixing since 2009, but also has he made his mark in the Portuguese-speaking countries. Due to his great work on parties and festivals (Hungary, Switzerland, Holland, France, Belgium, Romania…) he is now becoming one of the best known DJs all over the world. Check him out soinning at Montreal Is Kizomba 2017


DJ Sabura, POR

The year was 1999, and I had just arrived in Lisbon. In a casual boy's night-out at Mussulo night club, I began to listen to a strange, involving sound, with a strong beat, not quite familiar, and yet I couldn't just stay still. Soon after, my body wanted to dance to it. One night, back in 2003, while hanging out at Paulinha's and João's Carib Club, the designated DJ failed to appear. Paulinha, whom I had known for a long time, asked me to go over to the DJ booth and change the CD. I haven't stopped since.

DJ Stou, FRA

Originally from Ivory Coast, Stou quickly became attracted to anything that comes close to the body language and dance. Hungry for knowledge, talented and a quick learner from very young age, he explored various dance styles to the point of mastering them. A passionate and charismatic dancer and teacher, he brings a unique enjoyable atmosphere in his classes at all levels of difficulty, emphasising trust to your own body and between the partners.Stou is also a renowned DJ, particularly known for his intense Tarraxinha mixes and the characteristic “Stou Dance” jingle He brings his DJ-ing and teaching talent and unique style across continents.


DJ The Best, CAN

DJ The Best is of Angolan origin. With than 15 years of experience as a dj, he is specialised in kizomba and Semba. He is the official DJ of the Angolan Association of Montreal since 2003. He has participated in several festivals. You have seen / heard him at several dance festivals. Montreal Is fortunate to have DJ The Best at our event for the las 2 years and now for the 4th time.




DJ Angel Design, CAN

Fedy started his DJ career in 2013  as Fedyliscious at Kizomba Canada. He then started mixing at the Kizztime social for Groove n Kizomba. He is now the resident DJ for Kizomba Sem Limite's evenings. He specialises in Kizomba, ghetto zouk, tarraxa, afro-house and kuduro. He is now one of the top DJ s in Montreal. He has worked at several major events such as Africadancar 2014 and the Canada Kizomba congress in Toronto and Montreal Is Kizomba's last 3 editions.. .

Dj Do MarÇal, CAN

Born in Angola, Province of Luanda, Bairro Marçal, for that reason my nick and Dj name is Dj Do Marçal. I started to play in my childhood as a recreational dj for my family and friends, after it got seriouus, my neighbours and the city started to show a lot of interest in my Deejaying style and skills. The experience and profissionalism were growing and growing as the years go went by, mainly on the Angolan traditional genres like Kizomba, Semba, Rebita, Kabetula, kuduro. Later on i start mastering international styles like Hip hop, techno, underground, samba, gheto-zouk, zouk, afrobeats, Ect...


Billy DJ-Ly, CAN

Great music enthusiast, confirmed dancer, group event organizer (Rhythm & Harmony), DJ and beat-maker in his spare time, he just took a dance step in 2013 to Billy aka DJ-Ly to fall in love from KIZOMBA. Desiring to share his love for this dance, he has dedicated himself by putting musicality and creativity in the spotlight through his urban style that he communicates with his partner Fabienne When he's not teaching, Billy puts on his DJ cap. By its way of selecting the sounds in vogue, to mix them harmoniously and never without its microphone, it makes you live an extraordinary musical experience




DJ Kizomba Gold, FR GUI

Pierre is one of the pioneers of Kizomba in Guyana, where he expresses his pedagogy and his style by participating in many events, such as international festivals. He has several years of experience in Kizomba. Born in Guadeloupe, he has lived for 24 years in French Guiana. He made his first steps in Kizomba in 2011. He teaches in several cities. Edith was born in Guyana. She starts dancing with KIZOMBA GOLD in 2013. It was during the courses that Pierre noticed her and made her his partner. They are known for their different style. They participated in many international festivals like Surizouk Suriname festival of San Francisco and the Salsa Festival in San Tropez.